27 December this year that has just passed was a very special day. We had four (four!) special celebrations:

– My (Sabina) birthday, a day in which I changed the prefix of my age;
– Alin’s name day, as his middle name is Stefan, a Saint’s name whom we celebrate on the 27 of December each year;
– The Baptism day of Sofia, this sweet little baby whom we’re gonna present below;
– Stefan’s name day, Sofia’s father.

So you see, this 27 December day we were all blessed with joy and good moments.

I knew Stefan since the first grade at school, as we shared the same classroom for four years.

I don’t quite remember how we were back then, as a lot of years have passed until now, but now I found him very tactical and diplomatic, listening to Monica’s wishes with a very serene face.

Monica, his wife, smiled continuously at us and at the baby. She was also very calm, but had a maternal touch that was irreplaceable and contagious. We found ourselves smiling all the times and communicating with Sofia like she was ours.

Sofia, the pretty babe, main protagonist of this baptism, was most of the time calm and smiling. I think the babies of this century are more relaxed and happy. They are well nurtured and loved, so each of the ones we met this year were so adorable, that we fell in love with their big curious eyes, small sizes and squeaky sounds :).

We captured some awesome moments at Monica’s childhood home, where they shared some cookies and prepared for the baptism together with their friends and Sofia’s godparents, parents and grandfather and their cute cat.
Afterwards, we went to the church, where the baptism event went on with no major incidents. Just a little crying from Sofia after being immersed in water. But hey, every baby seems to be scared and upset when they get in contact with a lot of water.

We thank Monica and Stefan for asking us to celebrate with them this special day! We invite you all to relax on your chairs and look at the pretty photos that follow.