Do you remember the lovely couple with the adorable ginger cat that we photographed in Timisoara, right here?

Well, Sabina and Adrian did us the honor and asked us to photograph their wedding!

They celebrated this special day in the beautiful 19th century Hodoni mansion, which kept some royal-like pieces of furniture. They were very attentive at all the details and Sabina told us about all the organization rush and how she acquired each piece of decoration. But you can’t have something beautiful without a bit of hustle, right?

Their day was beautiful, full of emotions, tears and laughter.

When we saw them and their friends and family with tears of joy at the ceremony, we shed some tears ourselves.
(But, shh, don’t tell, as we want to look tough on the outside. :) )
It was obvious that they were truly loved by their guests, as everyone cheered with them.

Mihuț was also there, the fluffy darling!

We managed to capture some photos with him at the end, when all the people left and he could enjoy the company of his human parents.

Thank you for reading us, now let’s enjoy the photos!