Our first wedding organized in Casa Vlasiei, Snagov, was a very fruitful one, as the bride and groom had that queen and king allure.

Marina, the bride, wore a classic princess dress, but she paired it with a very cute tiara, that made her look very royal. Because of this resemblance, we started joking and she got used to doing her Majesty the Queen’s emblematic royal wave. Even her smile was royal.. it was a subtle smile in most of the situations.

Adrian was a very serious guy. He looked like the main positive star from a movie with cops and bad guys. But his face brightened each time he saw Marina, which showed us that even the serious guys have a great, warm soul.

Although they did not want a long photo-session, we enjoyed a lot their company.

We first walked near the forest, where we could feel the chill in a warm sunny day. Afterwards we moved close to the vineyards, in an orchard. Close to the sunset moment, where the light was just awesome, we had a deep connection with the mother nature.
Too bad the grapes were not ripe, as we would have taken a grape or two to taste.

It was a very nice wedding and we wish them the best! Their royal Highnesses should have a long and fulfilled life.

God bless the Queen! Long live the King! :)