Luciana and Alexandru are two lovely persons.

She is such a feminine, coquette kind of woman, who impresses you from the first time you meet her with her beautiful eyes and perfect smile.

He is warm but also radiates a feeling of confidence and seriousness, which so suites him in his profession. They are both doctors and prepared to save the world, so they have figured out their share of giving back to the society.

We really enjoyed photographing them, as you could see the natural tenderness in their eyes, the lovely gaze they hold for each other and the embraces that did not seem to end.

Photographing them in Mogosoaia, a lovely small town from Romania, where you can find a palace built in the 18th century, surrounded by its bohemian gardens and lake seemed to be a perfect fit. What do you think?

couples-17-happy-photo-luciana-alexandrucouples-1-smiling-photo-luciana-alexandrucouples-2-into-your-eyes-photo-luciana-alexandrucouples-3-hand-kissing-photo-luciana-alexandrucouples-4-best-friends-photo-luciana-alexandrucouples-5-warm-laughing-photo-luciana-alexandrucouples-6-tender-photo-luciana-alexandrucouples-7-soft-kiss-photo-luciana-alexandrucouples-8-each-ther-photo-luciana-alexandrucouples-9-snuggle-photo-luciana-alexandrucouples-10-holding-you-photo-luciana-alexandrucouples-11-beautiful-model-photo-luciana-alexandru couples-12-fierce-guy-photo-luciana-alexandrucouples-13-holding hands-photo-luciana-alexandru couples-14-dreamers-photo-luciana-alexandrucouples-15-together-forever-photo-luciana-alexandru couples-16-have-and-hold-photo-luciana-alexandru