Stop worrying!

You are happy and thrilled that the big day is coming soon, but you also stressed and worried about all the things that could go wrong.
This is one hundred percent natural, but this should change on the actual day of the wedding. You’ve already done all the hard work in order to get here, starting with having the courage to make the first step and ending with the wedding planning and preparation.
So, we beg you, use this day to have fun. It’s a big party dedicated to your happiness and there are others that should worry for you, because you know… you are not alone in this.

This party is for you!

It’s sad that we’ve seen many times the bride and groom doing all sort of chores and things on the wedding day that they don’t enjoy, just because there is a certain pressure from the family or just because this is the way things are done and they want keep up to the expectations.
We’re not saying you should throw away all the traditions, but please, organize your wedding so that you will enjoy it.



engagement alex vlady caress photo


Again, stop worrying!

We will help you capture great memories, but the first step is for you to have a great time during the wedding. If you still worry about this and that, it will be visible in the photos. No amount of good light, post-processing or good composition will be enough to create an image you will love if your face looks like this :( or this :|.
And understand that most of your worries are not justified. For example, missing some steps during the first dance... Your guests are not competitive dance judges and they will not give you low grades.
Your guests will not remember or will not notice at all if some details are not 100% perfect.
Instead, they will remember you. The smiles, the laughter, the hugs, the jokes. The real moments.

Cliché photography

We try avoiding the cliché kind of photography.
So if you are sick of photos you saw many times, like the optical illusion where the groom is holding the bride in his hand, the groom and bride hiding from each other behind a tree or photo sessions in that one place in your town where everyday you can see at least three brides at once, you don’t have to do them.

Real moments

These are the moments we will hunt as photographers.


As photography style, we adhere to the photo-journalistic or documentary style. So we are not fans of directed shots. Instead, we like capturing life through real emotions and moments.

This doesn’t mean we will not give you some directions during the photo session, position you where the light is better or move some distracting object in your room. Most importantly, we want to have fun together and keep you a good company.

Exaggerated posing and manufactured moments could look good, but over the years, when you will look at the photos, you might not recognize yourselves. Those posed models aren’t really you, it might be a projection of the photographer that told you to do something, during which you were thinking about something else and were annoyed that it took that long.

couple-session-nico-bogdan17-true love-photowedding-55-cheerful-photo-andreea-razvanWe will photograph all the important moments, but we are sure you will cherish more the moment after you put your bowtie and started laughing because the best man did something, than the actual putting-the-bowtie-moment. Because it is about you, not about the bowtie.

So we will do our best to find these moments and make sure that in 10 years, 20 years and so on, you, your children and then your grandchildren will have the chance to feel what you and your guests experienced during your wedding day. And the venue, the cars, the clothes will fade compared to the real events that happened that day.

What we expect from you

We want to click with each other, as we feel that this should not be just a business partnership in order to achieve great results.

We expect trust from you. Trusting us with your real emotions in front of the camera, trusting us with choosing a location for the photo session different from the one everybody is choosing.