“We like you, but what exactly are you offering?”

Besides giggles, laughters and willingness to be friends, you mean?

Geez, you’re demanding, but we are generous, so here you go…

If you’re undecided but can’t keep yourselves away from each other’s arms

“give a bit of mmh to me”

couple photo session;

- outdoors, it might be in a place that represents something for you or we can discover together new places where we can make new memories

(maximum 2 hours)

If you are getting married

“save the date”

engagement photo session;

- this will be the greatest opportunity for all of us to get to know each other before the wedding and see how we can rock on (maybe you’re more into jazz and we can adapt to jazz fusion)

(maximum 2 hours)

“the BIG day”


- “preparing to rock” or makeup, hair styling, home with mom&dad&all the amazing crew you keep near when you’re in your pj’s (maximum 3 hours);
- “practicing the new signature” or the civil wedding (maximum 2 hours);
- “the emotional moments” or the religious wedding (maximum 2 hours);
- “let’s smile and be pretty” or the wedding photo session (maximum 1.5 hours);
- “let’s dance till the last one drops” or the party (maximum 10 hours)

“oh my god, my dress is so pretty I want to burn it (or not)”

trash the dress photo session

- outdoors; the dress is mandatory, as it deserves some spotlight attention after you've spent all that money on it, but most importantly, the two of you should be in your happiest state of mind

(maximum 3 hours)

If you are already married

“look at my belly”

maternity session

- indoors or outdoors; we'd love to shoot some adorable photos of your round belly wherever you feel comfortable; the focus will be on you and your belly but you can also bring your significant other, as he'll make a great prop ;)

(maximum 2 hours)

"look at our baby"

christening session

- includes the church event and some getting ready time or party time, depending on what you prefer

(maximum 5 hours)

“let’s never stop falling in love”

family photo session

- outdoors or indoors; we'd love to document your daily habits, in a laid-back atmosphere; the session will catch the small gestures that define you as a whole, the connection, the laughter, the family life

(maximum 3 hours)