We are living in this faraway whimsical land, are you willing to travel to us?

Yes, we’re now booking the plane!! Or train, or boat, just tell us where it is! The extra cost will be added to your invoice, so we don’t mind some if you talk to the fairies to greet us.

Should we meet before signing the contract?

It would be great to get to know each other before booking us in order to understand each other’s vibes. Usually we prefer to meet face to face, but if there are any geographical constraints (like that fairy land above) we could also speak via Skype.

Should we offer you any food or drinks during the wedding day?

Well, we are not breatharians, so we would appreciate some food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Your portfolio is interesting, but can you photograph us in a different style?

Hey, thanks, but we do not settle for “interesting”. We do our best to photograph in a way that will make you feel moved and hang our photos on the wall. We are shooting in a photojournalistic style, with a focus on people, emotions, and decisive moments. During the photo session we will give you some indications, but we don’t like to force you to pose like a contorted diva.
If our style is only “interesting” for you, we can gladly recommend another photographer that suits your style better.

What do you expect from us?

To be you: natural, with no forced attitude. And lots of respect. We presume that you understand that you cannot start asking the plumber you hired to use another type of wrench just because you think you know better.

What happens if you get ill in the day of the wedding?

We take our vitamins on time, but in case that happens, will make sure that another photographer will cover the wedding, in a similar style.

How long does it take to send the photos? How many photos will you send?

The maximum delivery term is 3 months. But we’ll try our best to deliver them faster.
The minimum number is 600 for a full day wedding, but it can increase depending on you and your guests’ openness, desire to do a proper photo session, etc.

Do you include video in your package?

Although we love to try and learn new things, the mysteries of video are really hard to crack. We haven’t tried that yet, but we could recommend a skillful videographer.

Will you both be photographing at our wedding?

We’re superman and wonder woman so each of us can do a one man/woman show wedding. But we love working as a team and if both of us are available, we’ll come to take pictures and eat your delicious cake, with no extra charge from our side.