Do you remember these guys, Cristina and Robert from our previous published maternity photo session? Well, their baby girl Aniela Maria was born and we all agreed that a newborn photo session for such a pretty babe was a must!

Decision taken, “execution” day came.

Unfortunately we did not manage to plan the session between the 2-10 days of the baby’s life, how it is recommended by all the dedicated newborn photographers. Which translated into a very fierce baby girl, that did not sleep tight, that cried and did not let us move her body and hands in those specific newborn posings.

Which reminded us of our values and mission and we quickly dropped the predefined posing.

Our goal with every photo session is to capture the natural, the unposed gestures, the micro expressions that define the humans in front of our lenses and their relationship with each other.

So why force something that was not there? Our mini model was a fighter, a tough temperament, so we decided to respect her will and just shoot candids. What resulted you can see below.

We included also Cristina and Robert in our shooting, as they were too lovely staying near her and looking at her with admiration.

And you know what was awesome? That baby girl gave us a few standard newborn photography poses just by her one, after we let her alone and she started drifting into a tight sleep. She even smiled in her dreams and we couldn’t be more amazed with this tiny soul.

The moral of the photo session was: leave life follow its course and don’t intervene when it is not necessary! Everything will fall in its place, sooner or later!