Let’s learn more about this baptism ceremony and meet a cute and smiley baby girl, shall we?

Aida was the most calm baby that we know. She smiled constantly, she looked at everyone and everything with much amazement, with her big dark eyes.
Well, everything except the immersion in water, which usually results into crying for all babies :). But, they grow and forget, right? Actually, she did not cry much and she immediately started analyzing us with her pretty eyes.

After the baptism, we went to a garden restaurant, where we stuffed out bellies with delicious cakes took lots of photos of Aida, her parents and their families and friends.
The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too sunny. We even had a few raindrops that forced us to abandon the meadow and get under a tent.
The party then transformed into something that felt like a pastoral party. Great laughs, good food and drinks, and friends gathered to tell stories of the past.

We even witnessed the rescue operation of a stray doggie.

We don’t know how he got in the water, but he was struggling to get out of it and he seemed very weak, judging by the rhythm of his swimming moves.
Fortunately, Andrei, the father of Aida, managed to rescue him, under the scared eyes of everyone. One more reason to celebrate!

The three A-s: Andreeea, Andrei and Aida were a sweet family and their celebration of Aida’s baptism was made with good taste and much love.

We really enjoyed being near them on this important day and we loved documenting every step of Aida’s initiation and welcoming into the community.