Hi! We’re Sabina and Alin, a couple of wedding photographers based in Bucharest, Romania, but willing to travel (almost) anywhere on this planet.

We like to photograph sincere, happy couples. Because it’s not about the directed poses, but about real life and authentic moments (when you just look at each other, when one of you does something funny and you laugh, the moments between the moments).

Alin & Sabina love session in Warsaw-1038_w

Being wedding photographers is more than a job for us! 

If you hire us like you’re hiring a plumber, sure, we can create some great images. But if we get to know each other, share some laughs and click, then you will feel like you are being photographed by some friends.

We will create together great memories of real moments filled with emotions.
Our relationship will be friendly, open and in the day of your big event you don’t have to worry; we will move unnoticed and smooth like a cat.

etereo-photo-love-session-7Just like you, we avoid kitsch and what’s trendy this month.

Who cares about the latest trends if “you doing you” is more special and memorable than some boring forced posing which does not represent you? The photo session will be casual and natural.

We believe in our motto Happy now. Enjoy forever. The spontaneous and authentic moments in the present should be recorded and cherished forever… from getting some 💓 reactions on facebook to your grandchildren flipping through your album and feeling your emotions.

We learned photography together, we inspire and push each other into evolving each day, and it’s closer to a dream job than working in an office.

We prefer podcasts and Youtube channels to watching TV. And we think that consuming art is more fulfilling than mindlessly scrolling glamour magazines.


You can also check us in a photo session made by our friends from Feather Photography. The photos from this page are created by them.

Alexandra & Vlad
"When you look for a photographer, you want to find someone who captures the special moments from your life. With Sabina and Alin, you do not get only that, you get friends for life. They want to know you better in order to show through their photography the love, the happiness, the beauty of life. The result is what you want to see when you get old and you want to remember the good old times: the real, in love, you!"
Sabina & Adrian
"I learned that happiness is knowing how to celebrate and taking pictures is a way of celebrating the moment.
We are so thankful for Sabina & Alin who proved to be our "happiness catchers".
They value life, they value people, they value love and highlight the beauty.
They were sent for us from above."
Iulia & Mihai
"Our photo session was a pleasant experience. Sabina and Alin shared some nice and good advice with us. For me it was also a nice walk through Bucharest City Center because I became aware of some nice architectural details." - Mihai
Daria, Daniela & Alex
"We would like to share our experience working with Etereophoto by saying that it was simply great. I knew that the quality of the whole photo session depends on the contact between us as clients and the photographers. From the first moment of our meeting we understood it will be a good collaboration, our daughter was not ashamed at all and the only request, as Sabina and Alin told us was to be natural, to do things as we wish, to laugh when we feel and to behave in our way. This is professionalism!
We are happy to see people that are doing their job with dedication and willingness, we felt that in the physical result we received as well. The photos reproduced our feelings and the way we are.
Big thank you guys and wish you a lot of luck, good clients and inspiration!"
Luca, Alexandra & Andrei
"Working with Sabina and Alin was absolutely great and a real pleasure. They are a fantastic team, with a lot of patience and delicacy of feeling, complementing each other. They have a light hand, a vigilant eye and a mindful perspective. I highly recommend them! <3"